A Few Intimate Words About Me

My name is Eula Kellar and I live in Portland. As a huge fan of dogs, my occupation was determined in the early years of my life. I have been a dog trainer for almost 20 years, and I also run a small pet shop. It is a family business which was passed on from generation to generation. Taking care of animals has given me the greatest joy and satisfaction, and I couldn't imagine myself doing something different. Spending time with animals has brought me and abundance of joy and made my childhood and adulthood full of happiness. I have a husband and three daughters who share the same passion and love for animals like me.

As I mentioned, I am a big dog fan and have been surrounded by animals all my life. The first pet that I got was naturally a dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier. The first time I saw him I knew that he would be my best friend and a great companion. He was highly intelligent and good-natured, and we had a lot of fun and happy moments together. I can honestly say that having a dog pet has shaped my life in a positive sense.

I like to spend my free time going outside and running or taking a brisk walk. My family and I love taking long walks on the beach or go hiking in the mountains. All of my hobbies include some form of physical activity and exercise. Indoor activities for my family and me include curling up in front of the TV or reading an interesting book.


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