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Best Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy, Joyful and Fit

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Every living being on this planet needs to be taken care of. Pets are our friends and companions, and we should provide them with safe and proper care all the time. When getting a dog, make sure that you get all the information concerning behavior, needs, nutrition, training and keep in mind that a healthy dog is a pleased and joyful dog. There are a lot of false information out there about a proper nutrition so you can easily make huge mistakes that can be bad for your dog. Sometimes you can find a useful information that can help you and your dog a lot but be careful anyway. If you’re a complete novice, consult your vet or a breeder or follow some of these suggestions.


What you feed your dog is your choice, but consulting a vet, or a breeder would be the best and safest way to cater to their digestive needs. The food that you buy for yourself is the food your pet should eat, too. Your dog should be pampered with high-quality dog food, and you should always make sure that their diet is consisting mainly of meat. Prepare homemade meals for your companion with a lot of meat such as chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. Avoid ready-made commercial dog food since it’s full of corn, soybeans or wheat which is deemed unfit for human consumption. This kind of dog food can cause serious health problems such as itchy skin, loose stools or excessive shedding.


Overall health is what we all strive for. If we put a little bit of effort in educating ourselves about specific requirements for our dog, a great number of health problems can be avoided in the long run. Dogs, like people, can suffer from a variety of congenital diseases or health problems caused by the way they are raised. Some common health problems are hip dysplasia which can cause lameness, congenital heart disease or cataracts. Short-coated breeds like American Staffordshire Terrier can break out in hives due to its short coat or unbalanced and inappropriate diet. Environmental and genetic health problems can be prevented or kept under control with a proper amount of physical exercise and healthy and balanced diet. Take your dog out for walks or jogs on a daily basis and encourage him to play and to be obedient. Regular training or exercise is a great way to maintain your dog’s overall health and build up his immune system.

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