Dog Equipment – A Checklist For Your Dog

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Must-Have Dog Equipment

Having a dog requires a lot of dedication and time. Our pets need and deserve our full and undivided attention and care. Providing the best and appropriate equipment for your best friend is an essential part of your everyday activities. Choosing the most suitable collar or leash can make your walks or training enjoyable and fun or stressful and tiring. Just like we wouldn’t go out for a walk or a run without appropriate sneakers or a tracksuit, we shouldn’t let our pet outside without the right gear.

Vehicle Restraints

If you want to ensure your dog’s safety while taking that fun ride together, choose appropriate vehicle restraint for its size. It will protect your pet from suffering multiple injuries such as broken bones in car accidents. It will also ensure that you are not distracted while driving and you can have a lot of joyful moments together.


Collars are a great way to keep your dog such as American Staffordshire Terrier under control when outdoors. One that is highly recommended and effective is martingale collar, and it’s a great way to prevent your dog from backing out safely. Make sure that the collar is tight enough, so your pet’s head doesn’t slip out but loose enough, so he doesn’t have problems with breathing.


When taking your pet for a brisk walk or some other form of activity, you should have an appropriate and high-quality leash. Leashes are a great and effective way to control your dog when leading him out of the car or grabbing him when this is necessary. Standard leashes are made of nylon and leather and

try to avoid retractable ones since they have a tendency to break if a dog pulls suddenly.


Another great way to control your dog during his daily activities is of course a muzzle. In some countries, taking your dog out without a muzzle is against the law, and you could end up paying a huge fine for breaking the law. Muzzles come in a variety of styles and materials from leather to wire basket muzzles.


We should always make sure that our pet is used to gentle, comfortable brushing from the start. For dogs that are average shedders, brushing once a week will be just more than enough. Its coat can come in a rainbow of colors, and it’s easy to take care of. Use a firm, bristle brush and try to stick to weekly brushing to keep his coat clean and gloomy.

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