Best Places To Live In America

Everybody wants to be happy and fulfilled. To live in a place, they can call home and be proud of it. The place they can feel safe in and walk down the street whistling, carefree. But not every place on earth is the same. Not every place can give you such a carefree life, full of excitement and fulfillment. All over the world, there are countries in which people are afraid to walk alone at night. Where women don't feel safe unless they are in a company of others. The kind of places you would never want to live in.

Luckily, if you live in America, you live in one of the best countries in the world, but even in such a country, there are still huge differences from place to place.​

The determining factors

When it comes to choosing a right place to live the biggest factor is subjective. Every person has different needs and points of view. If you find a place to be one of the best places to live in, another person might not. But other than the part which is different for everyone there are five different aspects on which everybody can agree on, and these are Value, job market, quality of life, net migration and desirability.

The aspect of ''value'' is basically the difference between the cost of living and annual household income and ''quality of life'' takes into consideration different factors such as crime, commute, college readiness, and many other.

By combining all of these, we've prepared a list of five places within America which would be just perfect for you if they agree with your personal preferences.

Top five places to live in America



Melbourne is a smaller place with a population of 548,891 people. It's a place where you can fish, ride boats, visit many different bars and restaurants and have plenty of different things to do. This is a town with endless possibilities in which you will never get bored. The median salary is 44,040 dollars which is pretty nice and on a scale of 1 to 10 the quality of life rates at 7.3 where the overall value is 6.5.

This place is full of retirees and ''snowbirds''. The ones who split their time between Florida in the winter and colder climates during the summer.


grand rapids

This place is just perfect for college students, young families who seek healthy job market, outdoor recreational activities, and affordable housing. Since it's a perfect place for that group of people, it's only natural that it's filled with younger generations. If you are neither of the two, maybe you would be interested in the fact that this city proclaimed itself the ''Beer City of USA'' and that it has more than forty breweries. This place has a population of 1,007,329, and the average annual salary is 41,350 dollars. As for the scores, this place scores 7.3 on the quality of life and 7.8 on overall value.

Today, Grand Rapids is one of the leading places in America when it comes to education and health care, and it is also a place where there are many job opportunities even for those without a college degree.



A place ranked 8.1 in overall value, one of the highest ranked places in that aspect. It has a population of 1,931,182 and an average annual salary of 45,580 dollars. The place is famous for its shops and restaurants but also for its quite suburbs. It offers the best of both worlds, and that is one of the biggest reasons why it's ranked so high on an overall value scale. Sports play a major role in this place's everyday life. It's the biggest event, the Indy 500, is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year and it's ranked as one of the most visited sports events in the US. Amongst other things, Indianapolis also hosted the super bowl in the year 2012 which further increases the number of available jobs.


San Jose

This place has a very good quality of life at a 7.7 rating. It's an amazing place if you are a young graduate who is looking for a job. A few of the top leading companies in the area are eBay, Cisco, and IBM. The overall value of 5.9 is not as great as you'd expect it to be considering that the average annual salary is at an amazing 75.770 dollars.


Des moines

This place has an overall value of 8.3 and the quality of life ranking at 6.6. It's renowned for its unique shops, hip bars, and locally owned restaurants as well as historical residences. Being a home to more than eighty different insurance companies, this place's business is thriving. The population stands at 590,741, and the average annual salary is 46,600 dollars.

Things to know before moving to the US if you are a foreigner

Each country has its own specific laws and ways of doing things. You can't expect that wherever you go, it will be the same as it was in your hometown. In the USA, it even differs from state to state, but there are a few things which are common for every state and pretty important to know beforehand.

First of all, if you ever need to go to the ambulance, know that the ambulance ride will cost you. If you can go on your own, do not rely on their service, first of all, because you might be reserving a ride somebody else needs much more and secondly it will cost you from 400 to 1800 dollars.

Secondly, tipping is almost mandatory in the US. It's customary to tip for 10 to 25 percent of your payment, and it's considered rude not to. This applies to most jobs which offer services.

And lastly, you should know that the United States Postal Service can accept passport applications on behalf of the government, should you ever need this service.


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