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Making Amstaff Dogs Listen And Obey Your Orders: What To Do When They Are Rude?

Amstaff Dogs are very popular breed and one of very smart dogs on the planet. In fact, they are so popular that you would have to buy YouTube views just to make your dog stand out from the crowd. But, they have unique behavior, so they will often choose not to obey your order or to hear what you have to say. The solution is actually very simple.

Leaders and followers

When you bring your dog at home for the first time, a pack is officially formed. Regardless if you are the only person in the house, a dog will treat that as a pack. In each pack, there must be a leader and followers. Obviously, you will have to be the leader. Just to add, a leader is the one who makes a decision and acts, while followers act only.

Most dog owners choose to be equals with their dogs, so he will think that he is actually the leader. What this does is makes him rude and giving him the ability to choose his own actions, while neglecting your orders. So, no you cannot be equal with your dog, especially not with the Amstaff dogs! For example, if you have to give him a medicine, he will try to avoid it, but the medicine is mandatory for his health. A dog simply doesn’t understand that, so you must act as a leader.

The bottom line is that with the dog breed in question, you must be rude, or they will be. They are stubborn and they like doing things they like not what they have to do. By making him a follower and making you the leader, you will make your dog listen to you every time, you give an order.

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