Top 5 Breeds To Bear In Mind

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Every trainer says that any dog can learn the basic commands like staying or sitting. A good owner will recognize and understand his dog’s natural traits and make an effort to bring out the best of his pet. If you are a dog owner or planning to become one in the foreseeable future, you must inform yourself about the breed that is most suitable for you. The next five breeds I will present all have something in common: the ability to learn and perform new commands quickly and efficiently.

Border Collie

This breed is highly energetic and hard-working. They require physical activity and exercise on a daily basis, and they are exceptional learners. If trained properly, Border Collies are well-behaved and ideal companions for every family. They are gorgeous and people-oriented dogs and always make sure that they have regular exercise otherwise they will use up their energy doing nasty things.

Doberman Pinscher

This watchful and fearless companion is made to be a guardian and a protector. He requires regular exercise, and you can easily train him for dominance. They are obedient and gentle and great and loving pets. Doberman Pinscher needs socialization with other dogs or people from the start so you must spend some time outdoors on a regular basis.

German Shepherd

This natural protector is a great and perfect companion who is loyal to his family. He loves spending time outside playing and running and needs regular activity. Daily activity will also help him shake off that extra energy they are famous for. Also, he is smart and obedient and can learn and retain commands.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a family-loyal breed, and they are great with children. They are outgoing and love to play outside which means that they need plenty of exercises. Furthermore, this breed is intelligent and easily trained and can learn and retain over 200 commands. They are happy to please his owner, and they are great service dogs.


These dogs are active and have a great sense of humor. They are easily trained and obedient, so this makes them ideal for agility and obedience competitions. Poodles are also loyal companions and thrive on learning which is one of the essential traits. Poodles can do a variety of things if you train them properly and enjoy outdoor activities. They adore hiking and tracking the most.

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