Top 5 Breeds To Bear In Mind

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Every trainer says that any dog can learn the basic commands like staying or sitting. A good owner will recognize and understand his dog’s natural traits and make an effort to bring out the best of his pet. If you are a dog owner or planning to become one in the foreseeable future, you must inform yourself about the breed that is most suitable for you. The next five breeds I will present all have something in common: the ability to learn and perform new commands quickly and efficiently.

Border Collie

This breed is highly energetic and hard-working. They require physical activity and exercise on a daily basis, and they are exceptional learners. If trained properly, Border Collies are well-behaved and ideal companions for every family. They are gorgeous and people-oriented dogs and always make sure that they have regular exercise otherwise they will use up their energy doing nasty things.

Doberman Pinscher

This watchful and fearless companion is made to be a guardian and a protector. He requires regular exercise, and you can easily train him for dominance. They are obedient and gentle and great and loving pets. Doberman Pinscher needs socialization with other dogs or people from the start so you must spend some time outdoors on a regular basis.

German Shepherd

This natural protector is a great and perfect companion who is loyal to his family. He loves spending time outside playing and running and needs regular activity. Daily activity will also help him shake off that extra energy they are famous for. Also, he is smart and obedient and can learn and retain commands.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a family-loyal breed, and they are great with children. They are outgoing and love to play outside which means that they need plenty of exercises. Furthermore, this breed is intelligent and easily trained and can learn and retain over 200 commands. They are happy to please his owner, and they are great service dogs.


These dogs are active and have a great sense of humor. They are easily trained and obedient, so this makes them ideal for agility and obedience competitions. Poodles are also loyal companions and thrive on learning which is one of the essential traits. Poodles can do a variety of things if you train them properly and enjoy outdoor activities. They adore hiking and tracking the most.

Best Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy, Joyful and Fit

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Every living being on this planet needs to be taken care of. Pets are our friends and companions, and we should provide them with safe and proper care all the time. When getting a dog, make sure that you get all the information concerning behavior, needs, nutrition, training and keep in mind that a healthy dog is a pleased and joyful dog. There are a lot of false information out there about a proper nutrition so you can easily make huge mistakes that can be bad for your dog. Sometimes you can find a useful information that can help you and your dog a lot but be careful anyway. If you’re a complete novice, consult your vet or a breeder or follow some of these suggestions.


What you feed your dog is your choice, but consulting a vet, or a breeder would be the best and safest way to cater to their digestive needs. The food that you buy for yourself is the food your pet should eat, too. Your dog should be pampered with high-quality dog food, and you should always make sure that their diet is consisting mainly of meat. Prepare homemade meals for your companion with a lot of meat such as chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. Avoid ready-made commercial dog food since it’s full of corn, soybeans or wheat which is deemed unfit for human consumption. This kind of dog food can cause serious health problems such as itchy skin, loose stools or excessive shedding.


Overall health is what we all strive for. If we put a little bit of effort in educating ourselves about specific requirements for our dog, a great number of health problems can be avoided in the long run. Dogs, like people, can suffer from a variety of congenital diseases or health problems caused by the way they are raised. Some common health problems are hip dysplasia which can cause lameness, congenital heart disease or cataracts. Short-coated breeds like American Staffordshire Terrier can break out in hives due to its short coat or unbalanced and inappropriate diet. Environmental and genetic health problems can be prevented or kept under control with a proper amount of physical exercise and healthy and balanced diet. Take your dog out for walks or jogs on a daily basis and encourage him to play and to be obedient. Regular training or exercise is a great way to maintain your dog’s overall health and build up his immune system.

Dog Equipment – A Checklist For Your Dog

By Eula Kellar / March 16, 2017

Must-Have Dog Equipment

Having a dog requires a lot of dedication and time. Our pets need and deserve our full and undivided attention and care. Providing the best and appropriate equipment for your best friend is an essential part of your everyday activities. Choosing the most suitable collar or leash can make your walks or training enjoyable and fun or stressful and tiring. Just like we wouldn’t go out for a walk or a run without appropriate sneakers or a tracksuit, we shouldn’t let our pet outside without the right gear.

Vehicle Restraints

If you want to ensure your dog’s safety while taking that fun ride together, choose appropriate vehicle restraint for its size. It will protect your pet from suffering multiple injuries such as broken bones in car accidents. It will also ensure that you are not distracted while driving and you can have a lot of joyful moments together.


Collars are a great way to keep your dog such as American Staffordshire Terrier under control when outdoors. One that is highly recommended and effective is martingale collar, and it’s a great way to prevent your dog from backing out safely. Make sure that the collar is tight enough, so your pet’s head doesn’t slip out but loose enough, so he doesn’t have problems with breathing.


When taking your pet for a brisk walk or some other form of activity, you should have an appropriate and high-quality leash. Leashes are a great and effective way to control your dog when leading him out of the car or grabbing him when this is necessary. Standard leashes are made of nylon and leather and

try to avoid retractable ones since they have a tendency to break if a dog pulls suddenly.


Another great way to control your dog during his daily activities is of course a muzzle. In some countries, taking your dog out without a muzzle is against the law, and you could end up paying a huge fine for breaking the law. Muzzles come in a variety of styles and materials from leather to wire basket muzzles.


We should always make sure that our pet is used to gentle, comfortable brushing from the start. For dogs that are average shedders, brushing once a week will be just more than enough. Its coat can come in a rainbow of colors, and it’s easy to take care of. Use a firm, bristle brush and try to stick to weekly brushing to keep his coat clean and gloomy.