By Eula Kellar / November 13, 2017

Which Type Of Training Works The Best For Amstaff Dogs?

Amstaff dogs are one of the most common dog breeds in the United States and Australia. They are adorable and very smart, but they should be properly trained. Keep in mind that there are two types of training. Positive and balanced ones. In this case, only one type of training works.

Positive training

This type of training is used for most dog breeds and it is very common today. In essence, dog owners will bribe their dogs to do some action. There is NO in this type of training and it is based on positive actions only. If a dog refuses to do some action, it isn’t a big deal. If he performs it, you will reward him with a treat. This type of training is decent for simpler tricks, like shaking paws and sitting in the place.

Positive training is complicated and time-consuming, so you will likely need an Adelaide mobile massage after a short period of time. What’s even more severe, this type of training doesn’t work on Amstaff Dogs. It almost has no effect of all, which means that it shouldn’t be used. Still, most dog owners like it and prefer it, but actual results are almost irrelevant.

Respect training

For the dog breed in question, the respected training is just perfect. It is also known as a balanced type of training, meaning that you will teach your dog for good and bad, or positive and negative.

Positive part refers to a pleasant action and reaction. For example, when someone says thank you, you will feel welcomed and positive. On the other side, we have a negative part. For example, when a boss deduces your salary. This has a negative effect and will make you stop making mistakes you have been making and which caused a lower salary.

The same goes for the dogs. Positive actions include treats, toys, and pleasant voice. They are mandatory when a dog does an action which is positive or correct. This type of training is the same as the positive-only type we have mentioned before. A negative part means that you will speak louder, use leash or body language to tell your pet he did something wrong or didn’t do something correctly.


The balanced type of training is more beneficial and more effective for all dog breeds. However, in the case of Amstaff Dogs, it is even more important and we can say the only training that actually works.






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